I am ready to COMPLETELY revamp the ....


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May 24, 2001
"Strengthen the 2004r" using all the most up to date info and parts that are now available. If people are SERIOUSLY interested in this and would be will to "pitch in" a little, I will rewrite it with all my little "things" we do and update it to todays standards. It is not that old but we have come out with some new stuff since then.
If you guys are SERIOUS as time these days is minimal, I will do it. If you guys don't really care, I will back burner it for now.
Let me know.

"The Original Performance Transmissions"

Ha. ha ha Len...Nice decal BTW... LOl
How you doin' Len?

Give me a shout before Xmas if you can. Today would be nice... LOL
i would like to see it. bruce i can send you a few more sticker for the rest of your cars! lol.
BT do it up. And when you do, change that typo on the link on your website :eek: It's "Strengthening" bro... :D
Good Idea!

That is a good idea, as time goes by technology moves right along with us and sometimes passes us up! alot more articals like this sould be updated. GREAT IDEA!! Thanks, Scot w.
By all means, do it! Don't forget to fix the typo about drilling the drainback. Maybe a word on the desired valve bodies/model codes. Maybe something on the BEST trans fluid to use. What about an update on output shafts? What about the Sonnax servo? What kind of pump slide springs, 1 or 2? Can we pin the slide safely? What about transbrakes? What about using the 700 lockup solenoid?

Like I got all this time on my hands.. LOLOLOL
Let me get through Xmas and next week it is due to rain here so maybe I can get er done next week. Man, I am so tired and wore out after these last two weeks. Holidays are stressful. But I have figured out why. It is because we are so worried about making other people happy and feel good that we forget about ourselves and our own immediate families.

As far as typo's, hell, I am a tranny guy, not a spelling bee winner..LOLOL
I will definitly ck it though.

"Slacker" .... THAT is a funny one. :D

Everyone enjoy Xmas and the holidays. Please be safe and healthy.

Bring it on Bruce. I'm getting ready to tear into mine next month. I need all the info I can get. :D
With almost 18,000 views on your last write up, I think we're definately learning something.

Thanks Again!
bruce im glad my book inspired you :) .now dont let me hear your buying a cnc machine, :eek: id love to see your additional information.
Printed out everything so far!

Waiting for mine to break but now know how to avoid that for a while thanks to you!
Since we are mentioning typos...

"the aftermarket ( parts co's) gives a tolerence of .7071-7076 which is six thousandths and the tolerence for the pump is two thousandths, "

.7071-.7076 looks to me like 5/10,000ths tolerance. (Or plus or minus .00025 around .70735).

It is a great reference, and deserves an update- Thanks