I dont mind a custom fab

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Aug 3, 2007
I dont mind a custom fab if I got a bright idear, in fact its always fun to make a bracket or some other under the hood coffee holder.

I had an old speaker magnet from my Nef (one of his blown woofers) any way I made a cool little under hood tool tray out of it.

Stuck it in alum dish then tig'd peice of stock from dish up to an alum tray, very sturdy and sure beat the old stack em on core support.

SO ANYWAY that brings me to what I dont like to custom fab and that is for example...

The twin gauge pillar I just got from postons..oh it fit like a glove...OJ's glove
Nothing chaps my ass more then some i'll fitting add on that I paid 29 bucks for.

Good thing i did trial fit or i woulda really been hot after both gauges were in. So I had to cut here and yank on it like a Stretch Armstrong.

45 mins spent setting up vise and dremel with cut off wheel in order to get this thing to look good and fit snug.

But I am sure proud of my custom upper rad hose relocation, cost me 20 bucks to make, although them stainless steel ones look cool but ouch at 125 quid:redface:

Upper Rad hose

Yeah Roc87 on here went to Lowes purchased some Chrome pipe a couple 90's and a straight piece and a few extra hose-clamps and fabricated his own relocation hose and it looks as good as those expensive ones.
Same thing I did, went to lowes, got a couple 1-1/4 brass pipes.

there should be an area on this site for cobblen like the washer pump a friend of mine added in his trunk with lines going to the front of his rear tires for smokey burnouts, that was a nifty idea.