I have all the parts you guys need. Just got another TR in today!! Its hammer time.

Fat Nat

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May 25, 2001
Like it says in the title I have a total of 4 parts cars 2 GNs and 2 T types have 1 GN which is an 86 still running and driving. The other still has the long block with the intake intercooler ect. The t types have no running hardware but plenty of stuff to go around. One has maroon interior and the other grey. Also have the rears both posi 3.42
Call me with any questions Im always avalible at 410 490 8405
Thanks Jeff
How is the condition of the seats in the GN's? Out of the two do you have both front seats and rear seat without rips, holes, or stains. If so how much for them shipped to a business zip code 80917. I dont need the frames and foam just the material. Thanks Dusty
Alright...I need a few things to complete an 87 engine I have. I'm really on a budget, so maybe you can make a combo deal :tongue:

I need the complete power steering assembly - pump, bracket for reservoir, reservoir, lines.
AC Compressor
AC Lines
Fuel lines - return and feed, the ones that go to the fuel rail
And the turbo bracket
OK I'm looking for a good set of GN upper door panels, with good chrome & no rips or fading, w/ holes for power locks & windows, what do you have? Would also consider the gray T type ones if they are decent and the color is the same as GN ones. Photos & pricing please to:
Im in need of the door panel pull strap moldings that run on the doors do you have any that are not all broken up??
Also need a new drivers side Power seat track have one of them in good working order?? Not bent or broken??

interior piece neeeded

I need the maroon piece that covers the right side of the passenger seat where it hinges down by the rear floor. I can send a pic of the part if you want or send me a pic of the piece and I'll tell if it is the right one. Where is that town in Md? I've never heard of it. Thanks, Tim
Pmed everyone.
Keep it coming guys
The interior is nice but the drivers seats in both GNs are rippied and I only have 86 grilles The 87s are gone
Call me with ?s
410 490 8405
Damn Jeff!!! You hit HTE market like a storm!
Good luck with the new venture.

Let me know if your interested in other cars i might come across
looking for tensioner assy

for 87
the one that the alt mounts on,