I just bought a sureflow 60 psi, 1.4 gpm ....

At 60 psi it will probably still work just fine. You can buy a 100 psi switch from Shuflo to put on the top of the pump in place of the 60 psi one. I should have the part # for the switch somewhere on my alky website. It's around 10-12 bucks if I remember right. I think that pump is a great pump for alky injection.
1 80-100psi replacement pressure switch aprox. $20. (raises pump pressure and is optional) Contact
SHURflo for a distributor near you or Shuster Corp. 4 Wright St. New Bedford, Ma. 02741-3086
(508)999-3261 part # 94-375-15 $19.30 + $4.80 C.O. D.

SHurflo doesn't ship directly to the consumer so you have to get this sent to a local distributer.. I think one of my pages has a link to Shurflo. You could probably set it up through email or just call them on the phone. They will quickly find a dealer in your area for you and tell you what to do for the switch.

As far as ordering the pump itself the best deals seem to be Northern Tool. Here is their web site
This month's special in the Northern catalogue has a Shurflo pump rated at 1 gal/minute @ 60 psi for about $ 44. I think it is more than enough pump for what we need. Probabll a better match for our cars as far as the flow rate goes than the other pumps many of us have been using. Don't have the book here right now but I'm sure it can be found on their website. Just find all their pumps from Shurflo and find the one rated at an even 1 gal/minute and 60 psi. It is a special in their catalogue for this month but I think the $44 price should come up on their web page. Might be a good time just to pick up a spare for that price.
So this pump with the 100 psi switch should be enough for a dual stage system? I'm looking to make my kit using a mixture of Bob A.'s, Steve Hill's, and Dennis K.'s setups. I've been able to see Steve's and Dennis' in person and was quite impressed. They both convinced me to get rid of my SMC and to make a more serious kit of my own. I guess it's time to start stocking up on the parts to make it.
At the flow rates that Steve, Dennis, and myself are flowing (which is alot) we only flow less than .5 gal/minute. I flow about .4 gal/min or less. Have fun!
Finaly putting mine in...


I am finally putting my kit in the car. Ran the lines and wires today and also put the cell and pump in the trunk. Tested it and it spit out a decent amount of water. Question is, do you mind if I copy your setup a bit? What are you using for solenoids? What kind of nozzles are you using?

I planned this all out a while back but spun a bearing by the time I got all the parts. I remember someone saying that the NOS nozzles don't work well. Thanks.

I am going to do a search and see if I can find the old version of this.
I've found the NOS nozzles work ok if the jet size is above .025ish. Smaller than that, the spray turns into a small stream. If your using one nozzle, you'll probably need at least a .030". Probably one of the best nozzles are the Aquamist, but you'll have to use more than one to spray enough (they don't make them big enough).

By the way, I found I had some pressure loss when mounting the pump in the trunk (60psi Shurflo pump). It seemed like I couldn't get a decent spray. I am temporarily using an external fuel pump (95psi) up front until I get a higher pressure pump for the back (or switch to the higher pressure pump head).

Man that is one cool system you have. I am actually trying to figure out how to do something similar but the DPS might make it too easy not to get it.

I was tryin to figure out how to turn the pump on, then the first stage, then second stage like you did and was going to use hobbs switches but, the DPS would be easier. I am also going to use a vacuum solnoid to limit boost from the wastegate until a set psi.
Bob A.- Wouldnt smaller diameter fuel line, help keep the pump pressure up? I want to mount my pump in the trunk also.