I know.....Another "No Start" Thread


Mar 9, 2009
So i have been doing a lot of research and I'm kind of at Junction/Brick wall point. I drove the car one night about 30 miles. Stopped for a couple of hours and then got back in to drive home. the car started fine and i put it in gear and went about 100 feet down the driveway and it just quit. There was no spark, so no start. Anyway, seeing as i had no tools i had to tow it home. A couple of days later i went out to begin checking some things and and when the first time i cracked it over it started and ran fine. I dorve it a couple of miles with no problem and pulled it back in the garage. About 3 hours later i went to take it for another drive and i backed out about 100 feet out of the drive and boom it did it again. No spark - no run. I went through the Testing at the ECM. got 12v with key on, 12v constant to it at the other wire. And then checked the B-5 connection like it stated with a digital meter and i got around 4.5v. I assume this O.K. b/c with the digital metter i wont see quick fluctuations so its just avergaging. Well at that point i stopped b/c it says the cam and crank sensors are ok.

So here are my questions:

Can? and if so, how do i check the ignition module to see if its working?

Is there anything else that could possibly cause it not to fire. This may sound stupid but are there any tranny sensors/selenoids or fluid sensors that act as dummy cut offs?

Also my car has been coverted to the 86/87 module and coil pack with the caspers hot wire kit. It has been running fine for almost a year since i did the conversion. This puzzles me even more b/c i know the ign module and coil are less than a year old. How do i check that the relay on that kit is working properly?

Thanks in advance for your help guys.