I know it's cold but.......


any time is good, but probably the best thing is on a sat.,afternoon,so no work problems, hopefully,you know once you start eatin wings you just cant stop.....;)
During the week is a little tough for me atleast @ 7:00. Weekend is better. Lemme know...........Jim

are we ever going to meet up or what...looks like intrest in this died......
Re: meeting

Originally posted by Mephistophilles
are we ever going to meet up or what...looks like intrest in this died......

Looks that way!:mad: I will be there this Friday (Hooters on Brln Tpk) at around 6:30-7:00) if anyone else wants to come and chat TR's. I'll be wearing my black AC Delco hat. Hopefully a few can show up. This does'nt have to be the one and only meeting..............Ken B. ;)
I think a Saturday night would be best for all. I get up @ 3am to go to work during the weekdays. If we or someone sets a date, someone should e-mail out the info, not everyone remembers to check this section:confused: <~~me:)
I'd like to do it when the wether is warmer and my car is out of storage. It'll be more fun in spring when the Pike is full of cars to pick on.
Ben.....I think you may be right. Let's try this when the weather gets a little warmer as there just isn't enough interest right now. Oh well...............BTW did you do anything to the 'T' since the last time we met a Jack's?? I picked up a used stainless 3" BGC dp and a new Ford PS IC. Gonna tackle that job when it gets a little warmer. Not messing around anymore, want to hit 11's this year. Should'nt be a problem!!! :D
well for the time being my car is away,1 cracked piston in number 5 hole is demanding replacement by a forged counterpart
darn,give me a few weeks
I'm working with Joe on doing a set of heads and an intake right now. We plan on pulling the motor and doing maintenance stuff like timing chain etc. while it's out too. Heads should be done relatively soon I hope. Hopefully We'll have time for an alchy setup this year, but who knows? I also have some parts to bolt on like plenum and Trans +. Can't wait till april when my car comes out of storage:D I have to pass emissions first though. Which reminds me, anyone local have a 3" cat that fits a THDP I can borrow for emissions? I'll return it promptly after I go through.

Ben, i can help you out with cat, let me know:D im real close to manchester
That's my next purchase.......a 3" hi-flow cat. Anybody know where I can get one???? Almost got caught in Manchester last summer by the DMV.....they were doing a spot check on Adams street and the inspector freggin RAN into the street when he saw (heard) me coming and pulled me into the parking lot to "inspect" my "T'. I was coming back from the "Fast-Go" muffler shop after having a BEAUTYFULL 2 3/4" alum. exhaust installed and I put my cat on for the first time in YEARS!!!! No one was luckyer that day! :D Scared the **** out of me though! Fine for getting caught w/o cat can be in the THOUSANDS!!! :mad: Just a thought...... ;)
I got a idea, March 16th @ Etown. Mustangs vs GN's. Let's get together there also. I know It's a hike for some guys but come down to hang out. You don't havta Race .Lemme know.............Jim
Thanks 311, I'll take you up on the Cat offer probably sometime in April. I just need it to pass emissions;) then it will come off. Maybe I'll weld a fake one over my dump pipe after that just in case there are any spot inspections like Ken was talking about. I usually never open the dump, only on occasion to cruise around for a few minutes. The noise gives me a headache after a few WOT runs. 311, where abouts do you live?
Once you put the heads on you wont be able to get away with driving with the open dump. Trust me. ;) You putting a cam in the motor too??

Ive gotta keep an eye open on this thread I guess. I didn't realize there were so many people from Connecticut around here on the boards. Lemmie know guys, I'm down for some shoot talkin anytime!
Part of me wants to put a cam in, but I doubt it will happen right now. I hate hearing the stories of wiped lobes and such. I want to get the heads all set first and then see what happens from there.
Does anyone know the OFFICIAL ruling on what happens if you don't run a cat in CT. I hardly ever have mine on. Usually I will throw it on if I am heading up to the pike with all the cops up there.
You asked for it this time... :D

From Connecticut General Assembly, Chapter 246a.

Sec. 14-164c. (Formerly Sec. 14-100c). Motor vehicle emissions systems. Emissions standards and inspections. Inspection facilities. Fees. Penalty. (a) No person shall fail to maintain in good working order or remove, dismantle or otherwise cause to be inoperative any equipment or feature constituting an operational element of the air pollution control system or mechanism of a motor vehicle required by regulations of the Commissioner of Environmental Protection to be maintained or on the vehicle.Any such failure to maintain in good working order or removal, dismantling or causing of inoperability shall subject the owner thereof to revocation of registration for such vehicle by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles unless all parts and equipment constituting elements of air pollution control have been made operable and in good working order within thirty days of notice by said commissioner of such violation. Any such failure shall be considered a failure to comply with the periodic inspection requirements established under subsection (c) of this section. As used in this section, motor vehicle shall have the same meaning as is provided in section 14-1.

(c) The commissioner shall adopt regulations in accordance with chapter 54 to implement the provisions of this section. Such regulations shall include provision for a periodic inspection of air pollution control equipment and compliance or waiver with exhaust emission standards or compliance or waiver with on-board diagnostic standards or other standards defined by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection and approved by the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, compliance or waiver with, air pollution control system integrity standards defined by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection and compliance or waiver with purge system standards defined by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection. Such regulations shall apply to all motor vehicles registered or which will be registered in this state except: (1) Vehicles having a gross weight of more than ten thousand pounds; (2) vehicles powered by electricity; (3) bicycles with motors attached; (4) motorcycles; (5) vehicles operating with a temporary registration; (6) vehicles manufactured twenty- five or more years ago; (7) new vehicles at the time of initial registration; (8) vehicles registered but not designed primarily for highway use; (9) farm vehicles, as defined in subsection (q) of section 14-49; (10) antique, rare or special interest motor vehicles, as defined in section 14-1; (11) diesel-powered type II school buses; or (12) a vehicle operated by a licensed dealer or repairer either to or from a location of the purchase or sale of such vehicle or for the purpose of obtaining an official emissions or safety inspection. Not later than October 1, 2002, such regulations shall exempt from the periodic inspection requirement any vehicle manufactured four or less years ago, provided that such exemption shall lapse upon a finding by the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency or by the Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation that such exemption causes the state to violate applicable federal environmental or transportation planning requirements. Notwithstanding any provisions of this subsection, the commissioner may require an initial emissions inspection and compliance or waiver prior to registration of a new motor vehicle. If the Commissioner of Environmental Protection finds that it is necessary to inspect motor vehicles which are exempt under subdivision (1) or (4) of this subsection, or motor vehicles that are four or less model years of age in order to achieve compliance with federal law concerning emission reduction requirements, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles may adopt regulations, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54, to require the inspection of motorcycles, designated motor vehicles having a gross weight of more than ten thousand pounds or motor vehicles four or less model years of age.

b and d-i omitted... not applicable...

(j) No person, firm or corporation shall operate or allow to be operated any motor vehicle that has not been inspected and found to be in compliance with the provisions of subsections (c), (d) and (f) and the regulations adopted by the commissioner. Operation in violation of subsections (c), (d) and (f) and the regulations adopted by the commissioner shall be an infraction for each violation, except that the fine for a first violation shall be thirty-five dollars. The commissioner may deny the issuance of registration to the owner of a motor vehicle, or the renewal of registration to any such owner, or suspend any registration that has been issued, if such motor vehicle is not in compliance with the inspection requirements of this chapter.
How about Federal laws and violations?

I always thought it was $10K or something?

I can afford $35. :)
I thought the $10K penalty was for a shop that gets caught tampering with emissions equipment. Anyone?