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as far as i know the big fine is just for a shop, and as far as getting thru a spot inspection all they do is write you an inspection warning and you have to put on cat and get only that inspected, if you get caught on road wiyhout cat you tell cop or dmv inspecter that you were working on car and the cat is no good and that you had to order one so thats why you are running a test pipe,, that usually works .... read the dark area from realfast and you see that it says you have thirty days to make operable and in good working order
Cat conv.

I guess there is a benefit to living in NH, What cat? What emmisions? Oh it's coming, but nothing for the last 4-5 yrs. Oh and if you an officer in NH and read this "Only joking, of course all my emission eqiup. is on the vehicle and working, I swear";) ...........yeah and it's all stock too:D
30 days and $35? I can live with that! There were rumors going around the Berlin Turnpike that they were putting cars on wreckers that didn't have cats on them. Maybe it was just that or someone was breaking them off on me. Guess we should all print out those statutes and carry them with us in the glove compartment.:)
Didn't include this in my previous post but I did ask the inspector what the fine would be if I did'nt have a cat and he just said "well, you wouldn't be driving it home"!! I 'DO' remember reading in a magazine a few years back that the "FEDERAL" fine could run in the thousands if they really wanted to be a *rick........ just don't want to find out!!! Besides, what's the performance difference between running a "test pipe" and a "high flow 3" cat??? Maybe a tenth? Just ain't worth it in my eye's.......also, I also heard that the DMV have been doing "spot checks' on the pike on the weekends. :mad: Has anyone seen this?? I only went to the Pike 3-4 times last year as I really don't like dealing with all the ****box ricer's who think they can drive like idiots all night causing accidents!!!!!:mad: :mad: sorry.....just venting.:D
Give me a bit and I'll check on Federal law, but I don't believe the rumors of 5 digit fines, and I dont think they'd tow away your car either for something like a cat, but thats just my personal skeptisism about it.

I will say this though, I couldn't BELIEVE the spool difference on my car between a high flow cat and a test pipe.

The pike has gotten to be a zoo for kids. I will be bringing my car down there MAYBE 2 or 3 times this year. Theres another spot that some real racers hang out at kinda near the pike that I'll be at more often.
spot check

Was in my cat less gn today getting ON to 95 in westport exit 18 i belive and DMV and the state police were doing a check on everyone coming off exit 18...there was no way for the people to get around it....Thank god i was getting on the higway not off....i have pitch black tints also....lol....They did have a real nice corvette sitting in there in trouble line:D .....I just gave him a beep and didnt look back....;)
Boy i have to check this topic more often. While we we're on the emissions/ Cat thing i have a little problem. The lovely Ct DMV sent me my papers to re new my registration. I quickly paid them, and thought all was well. Then a week later i get a damn piece of paper saying that they are gonna cancel my registration because my car hasn't been through emissions in three years. WTF!! the couldn't send me this letter BEFORE the sent me the reg. bill??? I have no drivetrain whatsoever in my car, and i don't think a stage 2 can come close to passing emissions, even though by the time the car is ready, my reg. will have long expired. (i think they cancel it next week). Anyone know if they check the vin plate on the car itself, or just the registration?? Anyone need any money and has a car that can pass emissions??? Any way around all this crap??? uuuuuuuuhhhhgggggg this sux!!!

hey Scott, they do check id , call emissions or go to dmv and see what the deal is with getting a waiver, i dont know if you can still do that, have to spend so much money to get one?? maybe all the big $$$$$$$$$ you spent on stage motor will count;)

I think you are screwed..they check the vin on the car and take the registration....i went threw that crap like 6 months ago...i dont have to go till 2003 now....hopefully the car will make it that long...lol
This sucks. I can throw a cat on it no prob, but there is no way to pass emissions. I guess i'll go down and see if i can get an exempt. I don't see why they still sent me my new plates. They came last week. Damn, i was thinking of jst putting the sticker from my wifes new WS6 on and saying i lost it, but the computer geeks caught up with me. I'll let you all knowhow i make out.
Just ordered a 3" cat......should work about the same as a test pipe. I'm running 2 3/4" straight exhaust from the cat back, with the straight pipe it sounds like a 5.0 with Flowmasters!! Who needs mufflers!! Anyone else not running muff's??:cool:
tr club

i am all game i am from nowich ct area i have 2 85gn`s and one 85 regal w/a v8 a ct club would be great:D anybody near the norwich area??????

it supposed to be like 60 out on sat...i will be out in mine :)...