I know it's cold but.......

any of you guys here in connecticut interested in a reduced rate dyno day at a local shop?? price will depend on # of cars,we will be limited to 3 maybe 4 pulls, will be able to make adjustments,and cool down time, if there is enough interest i can set it up for a saturday just about any time, it would be an all day thing with food available, and plenty of tuning help from the shop.. we need at least 8 cars for them to do it, if there is more we can get better price, so who is in??:cool:
Definately interested. Want to dyno my car before it is retired.

Might even have two cars if it's close enough. :)

What kind of dyno?

PS: You might want to start a separate topic on this one. :)
Hey Ben no problem with cat, i forgot to ask you how your exhaust hooks up, cat has 4 bolt flange on downpipe end and slip on at exhaust end, i can let you check it out before you need it if you want,let me know
Time to meet

the time to meet is april 20th at J&M in manchester for dyno day and car show,cruise, then maybe after that we can all head to pike:D
we need to get a count of cars to dyno on 4/20, any ?s e-mail me or call 860-645-6389 J&M shop # even if you dont dyno lets see all the ct cars show up......:)
dyno day/car show is next sat 20th who is going? this is the chance for us all to meet and BS, hopefully it will be real nice out and after dyno we can go to pike after..... lets finally get together