I need info please!!


Jun 3, 2001
I have been having this problem for about 8 month's now and I am ready to get it resolved, the problem is that my transmission leaks fluid for a long time I could not find the problem but now I have traced it to the front pump
everyting was all good untill one day I lost all gears it would not pull so I took it to the shop and found out that it had broken a sprag gear or something had it replaced and put the transmission back in and it did okay but my torque converter would not lock up and it was leaking fluid so I drove slow and it did not leak as much then but within 80 miles the tranny burnt up so I had it rebuilt bye someone else and it still does the same thing all shifts are okay exept the last one, it will only go into 4th at high speeds and the conv doesn't lock up and it still leaks
So I pull it back out and look at the torque converter neck and notice a couple of burs so I sand it down smooth and reinstall it just got back now the fluid poors out pulled it out agaign and notice the front pump bushing is against the seal
okay what would make the bushing slide into the seal, would that stop the conv from locking up help me somebody please
Pump bushing blow out is common. If you stake the bushing in place and drill front pump drain you should never have this problem again. The bushing will not stop the converter from locking up.