I need some heads


Peoples champ runner up
Anybody got a set of bone yard TTA compatable heads like a set of 515's or one of the other casting numbers that will work.

BTW: does anybody know how to get ahold of the guy who went by the board name of SHRPTTA, the listed email for him does not work.

TIA: Jason
Postal, SHRPTTA showed a head flow sheet that was impressive. I cant find it anymore, but you might try calling for him in the title.

I am back in IL for good and would like to meet up sometime.

I have a set almost done and I'm looking for another set to run through next. Awhile back SHRPTTA had mentioned in a post that he had multiple sets of the 515 castings. I would like to pick up two sets so I can have a set on hand.

Where are you located at in Illinois?