I passed Inspection today

Kyle F

Addicted to Boost
May 24, 2001
After a lone(way too long) wait.... My TTA passed Ohio Salvage inspection. So, its now official, #1053 is saved from the Junk yards with only 44,000 miles on the clock.
I looked at your website and the pictures don't show too many things missing when you got the car. Was there much more that couldn't be seen that needed to be done?

Looks great, do you plan on getting new emblems for it or leaving it in 305TPI stealth mode?:D
Don't worry Hunter, there is still only 1 TTA with a bigger turbo, injectors, liquid to air IC and grey interior running in the 12's so it is still very rare:D :D :D
Nope, I got the Nose Emblem, Indy Wings and Sail Panel emblems on.

Nope 95% of the parts were there, jus tneeded bolted back together. I have most of the work done after 3 weekends home from school.
Then the quest for a few hard to find parts and graduation from College, Sr. Design project, lack of funds, getting engaged, looking for a job using my degree, etc etc, etc... got int he way and it ended up taking 2 1/2 years to get all the stuff I needed to satisfactorly complete the job.

The hardest part to find was the GTA gold "Pontiac" Emblem that was on the headlight bezel. Well, anyways I am going back to the original dealer tomorrow and see if he has any paperwork on file that I might be able to get copies of.