I started a car club on the Gulf Coast


Serenity Now
Aug 11, 2002
It's called Gulf Coast Muscle and we have events spanning from Fort Walton Beach to Pensacola to the Mobile area. I am hoping for some fellow TB.comers to join. We started a website with a discussion forum at www.gulfcoastmuscle.org This coming Sunday we are having a cookout at Mobile dragway and we're trying to raise interest in the club. It's for RWD domestic cars only. That's the only requirements. We don't even charge a membership fee.

Anyways, since we are realitively new I would like some input about what people hate/love about car clubs. If you need any more info about the club the website should answer it. The gulfcoastmuscle.org domain name is a just a link page to the actual discussion forum provided by ezboard. If you'd like to view the discussion forum without the ads at the bottom just right click on the forum and copy and paste the address into the address bar. I've posted something about this a few times in the Florida section of this website, but it seems most Florida users are not in the pan-handle. Plus, we cover the Alabama coast too. We even have a few people from the Mississippi coast.