I think I smoked my D5


Jun 7, 2002
Gents, correct me if I'm wrong, but if there is a lot of clutch material in the pan and some metal shavings... And all my other clutches look great! It must come from the converter, right?

I guess I can order a new one or have it rebuilt locally. Typically are these things tought to rebuild? (in Belgium)

I have a race this coming weekend... Eeeeek!!!!!



How can you tell the rest of the clutches are good when the trans is still together? Xray eyeballs?
No, no x-Ray eyeballs cuz then I could see what's going on in the converter.

Ummm, I know the other clutches are fine because the trans is in pieces In my shop. I checked them all. The above pic was just to show you the amount of clutch material found in pan. There should have been some seriously worn packs in trans. There weren't any.
Were you forcing Lock up at WOT?

If so then that smoked it. Better pull the pump halves and look for scoring. Did the directs and steels look ok as well?
Here we have a Turbo Buick "Member" asking for help, from Belgium no less and he's asking the "Pro's" from TB, and some of you try to stomp your "BS", never cease's to amaze me.... if you can't help...keep yer bull **** to yourself.

Dorian, you would be correct in assuming that the material on your screen is clutch material as it is not magnetic and collecting on the magnet, my advise to you would be to get on the phone and call Lonnie, Chris, Bruce, or Brian, for gods sake you are too far away not to inlist their help, I am sure if you PM any one of them they will do their best to assist you and get your "baby" back on track, good luck to you and avoid the pissants, ;)

Thanks gents,

Indeed, I accidentally force locked during my last race. I didn't think too much of it at the time... That was a mistake that seems to have caught up with me.

Directs and steels look good; I replaced them after my last race. Will check pump again. Last time I looked only slider was slightly polished on one end.
I am dropping off the converter for a rebuild this morning. Hopefully, there's so busted part in there that'll be on back or for this D5.

Else I have a spare converter that should hold one race.

Stay turned.

Trans shopped opened the pump and found some light wear.

As for the converter, they will have to cut it open, of course. They claim they can fix it by Thursday.

Stay tuned,


Compromised fins, a broken damper spring, clutch material torn off...

They can fix by tomorrow. Will replace paper with kevlar.

Stay tuned.

Glad to hear they can get you back up & running Dorian. :)
Sounds like you've put some hard miles on the D5.
I forgot what Engine & estimated HP/TQ are you running in your Chevelle?
400 SBC with roller cam and AFR 210 eliminator heads. D1-SC at 7 PSI as power adder plus water/methanol to cool things down. It dynoed at 600TQ/640HP. Despite that, it has excellent street manners and a very gentle idle.

I never got it to stick on launch. However this track, a first, will be prepped with VHT and I will be running a pair of 325/60R15 drag radials so I reeeeeally want to go.
That's a lot of power for a D5. :eek: Hopefully they'll strengthen it, weld Fins, use bearings etc.. before they reassemble it.
Right. Good news and bad news. The bad news is that I didn't get to race. They required a Dutch racing license. Don't have that. Good news is: the problem seems to be fixed. More testing required. Far so good.

They required a license from the get go from everyone. Didn't matter if you had a 12+ second car with license plate. If you were a Dutch citizen, they'd waiver the license... Rats!!!!!