I want to buy a black turbo buick

Brad Hutchcraft

New Member
Sep 24, 2010

Hey board. I guess I will use this as an introduction thread as well. My name is Brad, and I have been a BIG fan of the Turbo Buicks since I was a little kid. My Dad has been the parts Manager at a Olds/Buick/Pontiac (now a Buick/GMC/Chevy dealer) for over 25 years, and when I was a kid, visiting him at work, I would sometimes see these cars at the service building, getting worked on. And rarely, my dad would get to bring a GN demo home and play around with it on the weekend. Well, years later, and I am all grown up (kind of) and am looking for one of my own.

Basically, I am looking for an 87 Grand National or WE4. Modifications are ok, and actually welcomed, but they MUST be tasteful, and the car MUST be daily drivable.... THAT kind of reliable. I want a car I can start up and have fun in, not a car that needs to be finessed out of the driveway every time I go to take it out. My budget will vary by the condition and proximity to what I have in mind as far as an optimal build. If it was "just what I was looking for" then I am more than willing to pay the premium. If its something that is close, well, you get the idea...

as far as modifications go, I wouldn't mind a bolt on car.. turbo, fuel, exhaust work, intake, heads.. nice built tranny, converter, etc.... My ultimate goal is to have a 10 second car I can get in and drive, whenever I want. I have had a few built Firebirds, and most recently a built 4th Gen Trans Am with a forged 347 and a 200 shot. But the car was a handful, and I really just want a car I can get into, and have fun on the weekends with my friends at the track, or on the street... you know, cruising.. :biggrin:

My number is 417 231 7163... its a missouri number, but I live in Fort Walton Beach, FL. PLEASE feel free to call or text me with an offer at anytime, AND I cant stress this enough, there needs to be a way for me to either take shipment of the car, or to meet me within 200 miles of my home. I work over 80 hours a week as a pipeliner, and really dont have the time to be running around all over the damn place, looking at prospective beaters (as was the case this weekend)..

I look forward to all of your offers!

Brad Hutchcraft