Identifying stock late 85-87 cranks


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So im selling off some parts. Trying to identify crank shaft years......

I have a few cranks here and they are all rolled fillets on the RODS and MAINS. The 86 up seem to have a X or K at the top journal/ front journal I have a few that do not have that X or K at the top counter weight.

I have like 4 cranks that i know are 87s, but some of the others do not that marking and i really think they are the older HOT AIR turbo cranks from cars parted out

Are all the cranks the same from 78 to 87? Personally i always thought the hot air cranks were not the same, i just stuffed em all in the same corner and pulled out 5 .000 .000 cranks

I did look all around the counter weights and tried to find a part number, i cannot find a identifiable part number on the crank and was wondering where it was and what the correct part number was per year if at all.......

Also whats the going rate for a std crank, it used to be 600.00 Just want to clean out the garage with all my buick parts, i have 20 years of collecting and the odds and ends are the items i have most.

Really appreciate any help with identification and years etc.
I've never heard of a used crank going for $600.

My crank book is as a friends house right now but if memory serves you're looking for a 299 casting with rolled fillets on rods and mains.
for what it's worth, I've seen several sell on Ebay for $250-$375 depending on how nice it is or if it has been cut. I'm about to have a pair of them for sale also.
I see 229 is cast on the 2nd counterweight up from the back

Seems on my 87s it looks like 22@
The 9 looks horrible

On the hot air cranks, 229 is not stamped on the second weight, and all the ones I have are rolled fillet rods and mains

Even this 4 barrel 4.1 turbo crank does not have 229
Guess m233roller b correct

Thanks fellas. All this crank bs got me started assembling a 3.8 turbo this afternoon.
This GN was parked in 01, 1/2 it's life in the basement:(
Odd. My 4.1 crank is a 299 casting.
Where is it stamped?

I pulled this rolled fillet 4.1, does not have 229 second weight up from bottom
Where is the 299?

They all look the same, but 86-87 always seem to look better... psychological issue?