Idiot lights?!?!?


I just installed the low fuel light in my previously working dash.

Now the left hand side does not work. The right side works as evidenced by the security and SES ligths coming on.

The blinkers will not work however. As I said, everything worked prior to the install.

I checked every single fuse and am going through the grounds to see what's up.

Any ideas??? I'm stumped that a 2 second install turns into a fiasco...
I have found that tightening the screws that hold the cluster down too tight will cause that problem. Try loosening them and see if that cures the problem. Be carefull. To many tightening sequences will strip the holes in the plastic.
Actually tightening the screws apparently set some sort of connection and now it all works. I didn't want to tighten anything because I wanted to test it all. Eventually I just pushed on the unit and it worked so, I tightened it all up and it was fine...

I'm a big dummy :p