Ilove it when things go right.


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May 25, 2001
Just got done with a head,cam and intake swap put everything together double checked connections fittings and so on and go to start it and it starts right up no leaks no codes nothing:D

I know I haven't put the boost to it but that will be soon. I'm just happy it's running. 24PSI hot oil after short cruz, vacum 17 at idle. Should see some 10 second runs this year.

I see you have a new address Dan...
You should get plenty of day light to work on the car, eh!!

Ya Mike made the move a few months ago. Believe it or not is has been in the high 30's for a month or so just got cold again last night.

All that daylight is for hunting/fishing this summer:)

I think I'm done allready this year, "ya right" next year paint if I don't break something.

Glad to here everything worked out for yo Dan. Still wish you was down here but that is ok. I ordered me a turbo motor for the mini so around June/July it will be 200 hp and 1250 lbs. I wonder what this is going to feel like? LOL... Keep in touch Dan and stay safe.

Steve thanks for those parts also. I'll send some pics in a few days. Sometimes I wish I was down there also I could be racing the car this weekend:( Oh well at leeast the roads are clear up here but we do have 2ft of snow:)

Yea you would not be happy with the weather down here Dan. It was in the low 70's last week and upper 60's this week.

Wish you was here!