i'm a new member and looking for help

street stalker

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Nov 28, 2010
hello all, i just picked up a 1999 Regal GS and it has a few issues. the main item i'm needing help with is no headlights. the turn signals, hazzard lights, interior lights, dash and brake lights are operational.
*unfortunately the guy i bought it from didn't inform me of this problem.
when i crank the car the marker lights turn on automatically. i figure thats the daylight running lights. pulling the light switch has no effect on the headlights. my high beams will work if i pull the lever as in to flash oncoming traffic.
*i've checked to ensure my park brake is not engaged as well.
If the high beams are working then it's probably the hi-lo beam switch is burned out on the low beam since the low is what's on 90 percent of the time.
thanks for your reply. however, which switch are you decribing, the lever on the the steering wheel that i use to flash the headlights, or the circle switch on the dash that i pull to manually turn on the lights?