I'm looking for the guy that got my old car??


Getting High On PSI
May 27, 2001
HEy if anyone can help me and him, He sent me a e-mail a month or two ago and asked some ?'s on my old car he got with No engine or trans in it and it came with two engines and a trans I would like to talk to him and see if we can come up with somthing I Would love to Buy it back I sold it for the wrong Reasons,, A Women that I got mixed up with and the guy I sold it to didnt ket me know he wanted to sell it and I get a e-mail and I didnt belive it and I was going to call him or e-mail him back but I delited his Mess,
Thanks for any info,
Seneca Lafler,
blafler87@yahoo.com,,, Cell 269-506-4817
Are you saying you dont know who it is or where to find them? If so, and you offer a little more info, someone here might know them.