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Mar 4, 2002
I recently purchased a 1987 two tone Turbo-T.It is my second turbo buick"wifes-car".The car has many modifications.Here is the list.-Premium KYB shocks,TRW rear springs,Stock boxed control arms with factory GM 1LE Camaro bushings,3:42 posi.That is suspension.It has BGC 2.75 duals,Poston3"downpipe,Ported stock elbow,Gutted cat,Green Stipe injecters with matched Kenne Bell 93 chip,Breathers Turbo block off Kit,Engine tie downkit.Just recently there was a GSCA 200/200(degreed)lifters,cam button,valve springs,Kenne Bell HD rocker shafts,rollmaster true double timing chain,Bell mouthed inlet stock intercooler,Ported intake to intake ports,Matched -Bell mouthed upper plenum and throttle body,BGC Stealth Adjustable fuel pressure regulator-set at 43Psi,Quaid Air XP fuel pump with upgraded wiring-ported hanger intake,.There are a lot more bolt ons,the car was set for 14psi boost-but i put a guage on and i seen 20-21 psi at full throttle!What do you guys think it will run with slicks.WHAT else can i do run real fast!THANK YOU.:D