Inconsistent 1-2 under wot with 2004r


Feb 16, 2004
I have switched back to a 200 and it's giving me some fits...I have governor and tv adjusted so I have a 5800 1-2 shift.....most of the time. If the car leaves hard 1.40 or under 60', seems my 1-2 shift moves up near where my rev limiter is set....sometime never shifts unless I lift..then the run is ruined. Are there any valvebody upgrades that will make this thing more consistent? I have a stage right brake in car as well....I'd like to go full manual and electric t-brake but that will be a winter project......the car runs 9.70's with a th400... thanks for any advice! ....or if you can send me in right direction...I have confirmed there is enough fluid in pan, converted to a th700 filter, and even put a deep aluminum pan on it...I have also left a message with Lonnie re his valvebodies and t-brakes...

Thanks!! John
Update on my 200 woes.....Thanks Extreme Automatics/Lonnie!!

I wanted to share how I got my 200 problems squared away.....I did a quick search on electric 200 brakes since I didn't get too many responses to my inquiry..... and found that Lonnie was now making them for customer installation....and it did not require the purchase of the complete transmission or valvebody... I called Lonnie on a Monday, had the brake in my hand Tuesday, had it installed (with some handholding by Lonnie) on Wednesday..left for Reynolds Thursday and never had a transmission issue all weekend....had other problems, but none of them were transmission related...I actually believe the brake is as fast if not faster releasing than the 400 brake I was used to using...I was concerned about going back to the 400 to be legal for THS but not I have a spare 400 for the other "race" car...