injector size


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I was reding the other page and it says that the 009's will handle 550hp i think and to the high 10's will they work on my set up or should i go bigger . Just say the word and iam going bigger.
With the stock intake and unported heads the 009s will be more than enough. I'm going to run them on my combo and if they're not enough I'm going to order an alcohol system and inject a ton of alky.

BTW, 10s are possible but when my dad was running his "stock" motor at 125mph traps the 009s were past 100% duty cycle and that was with alcohol injection. Static FP was 50psi just to keep the 02s above 760mv. If you are looking for 10s I would go with at least 50s to be safe.
Iam trying to get a price on just the v2 intake and tb but nobody knows. but the heads will be stock for a little.