injectors, chips, cont. arms and tie rods, stock intercooler


Empty Pockets
Feb 25, 2007
Set of blue tops(36#) not sure mileage but worked great in my car- $75

Matching red armstrong for 36# - $30

Couple of thrashers for stock inj.
race 108- $25
street 92- $25
100 oct. w/ stutter at 2100 and tcc lock - $35

Upper and lower front control arms bushings and ball joints pretty well shot- $80 for the set

Pretty decent tie rods I would say very usable for a Daily Driver - $30 for both

$100 for uppers lowers and tie rods.

Fried ECM not sure if anyone can use it - $15

Stock intercooler in good shape w/ fan and bolts no shroud or brackets comes with 2" to 2" RPS hose - $70

Everything is +shipping:)
Will probably be about 85-90 shipped I would think. Im not sure where my digital camera went if I can find it tonite I will post pics.