Inland Empire GN / T-Type Ownes Unite

Like to know how many would be interested in starting a GN / Turbo-T type club in the Inland Empire area? I'm from Apple Valley, Ca. and I know of several others in the San Bernardino / Riverside area that would like to see one. Nothing too serious, just getting together when we can to share our passion and knowledge of these awesome machines. L.A. / San Diego also welcome.
I think that would be cool. Like I said nothing serious, just some owners getting together when we can. Nothing would look better than several Grand Nationals and Turbo-T cars parked at one location, except a lot of them;)
Any thoughts on a day of the week? I work a day shift :Fri, Sat, and Sun 12hrs. shifts:mad: So a week day would be best for me. (or I could take a day off;)
2nd Annual LA Invasion

What do you guys think about this show,:rolleyes: I'm sure several T/R owners will be going. I will be attending the "Rim of the world cruise" on Sunday May-24
car show may 2nd

in Nuevo ( near Perris)
Nuview elementary school, to benefit the school ( & my grandkids!)
chili cook off and car show, $15 admission to enter car, $20 to complete in cook off,
if anyone plans to attend, lemme know I'll bring donuts,
starts 8am saturday may 2nd,
I plan to bring GNX & WE4.
google- Nuview Elementary School‎ - 29680 Lakeview Ave, Nuevo, CA‎
Hey Lee, it's nice to know that I'm not the only GN owner here with grandchildren;) (8 and counting:eek: )
I'm working on getting that day off to join in on the ride. I will keep you updated.
sounds good!

look forward to seeing some buicks there.
grandkids, no idea how many, as I lost count, LOL
darn kids think its cool to have a herd ! (til they have to buy school clothes, food, etc)
Inland Empire GN/T-Type owners 1st meeting

Ok guys you have the location (In-N-Out Burger) the 10 Fwy and Tippecanoe Ave. (city of San Bernardino) Time: 1700hrs. (or 5:00pm if you don't know military time:biggrin: )

Date: 4-25-09 (Sat)