Innovative 80GTS

Twin Turbo T

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Jan 22, 2003
I have for sale is a new in the box Innovative custom 80mm with a GT "S" trim exhaust wheel. New type F2 Ball bearings, .96 ar housing paid around $2800.00 sell for $1600.00 :frown: . I'm going bigger


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wow thats a hell of a deal. going bigger Eh. good luck on the sale.
Whats the HP rating on this turbo? Is it double ball bearings that require water cooling?
Would you consider trading for a brand new set of Centerline Polished Auto Drags- 15" x 8.5" and 15" x 5" with brand new MT 28" x 9" MT Et Drags-and 27.5" x 5" front MT Sportsmans-comes with brand new MT Tubes, screws on rims mounted and balanced-(never driven on)-i paid over $1500. for this set.
I assume a 3400stall would be needed for this turbo. I dunno, i just think this turbo is a little to big for my car.