Installing girdle, what gasket?


I'm having an engine girdle installed on my engine and i would like to know which gaskets to use. Right now i have some of the rubber gaskets but something tells me that won't work between the girdle and block.

Suggestions please.

Do not install a gasket between the block and girdle. The bottom of the block needs to be machined/trued. Then apply a sealant between the block and girdle. The gasket will go between the girdle and the oil pan.
The girdle has DETAILED installation instructions included. (providing you bought a new one from RJC) If not, download the instructions from someone that does. If your shop doesn't know what they are doing, find another shop. It's not rocket science, but the details will kill the engine if not followed.
As stated earlier, girdles do not use a gasket between the girdle and block, just high grade silicone (the "right stuff") and the block and girdle must be true and flat. There needs to be a .005" gap aftrer torquing the main studs. Then torque the pan studs, then line hone the block to specs. The main caps need to be milled flat and cut to allow the installation of the girdle and have material to line hone to size. Labor instensive, for sure.
it is an RJC. If someone had a copy of the instructions that they could pass along it would be appreciated.