Installing MAF translator, Help!


U aint that big
Ok, so I am trying to install the MAF translator I got but here is the question, how would I go about installing the wires, do they plug into the existing wires or what, I am pretty confused and I need this up and running by tommorow. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. thanks
thanks, but there is no yellow wire, there is a slightly pink one, should I just go off of that? thanks
too cold to go out and take a look right now , i looked at the pics i had and can only see on mine it has a yellow wire on the Translator connector to the new MAF

the instructions on ramchargers infers that there is a yellow wire on the factory harness , near as i can tell thats for LT1 nad LS1 not a buick specific warning
cant be buick related because buick doesnt have yellow on the factory maf harness
dont hookit up unit if your not sure. but it should be a plug and play

best place to ask is Mike Licht at
Should be only one way the harnesses can plug together no matter what color the wires are.
Unplug the harness at the MAF, plug the translator harness plug in its place, then connect the factory MAF harness into the translator harness that is left. If you have a T+, then there will be a third harness plug, you can leave that one unplugged for now.
Thanks guys, I got it installed. Is there any way I can tell if it is working or not? thanks.
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Thanks guys, I got it installed. Is there any way I can tell if it is working or not? thanks.

Start the car, and if it runs, it's working. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I don't think a Turbo Buick would run w/ an LS1 or LT1 MAF without the help of the Translator.
if its installed with the arrow on the maf pointing toward the engine and youve set the dip swithes for your configuration and MAF and set the knobs accordingly per directions , then it should work
check your scanmaster for AF (air flow) of 5-7 at idle and drive it , then check your BLMs if they show good and not drastically off then its probably working
if you dont have a scanmaster you should consider purchasing one as it helps you set the tps and IAC and keepa an eye on lots of other things
a scanner tool will also show the info you need but the scanmaster can be hooked up all the time and will show you all that the scanner can and display retard degrees and 02s all the time if you plan to put your foot down, it will let you know if you have knock and you want to avoid knock,

another good tool to have in addition to the scanmaster is directscan and a laptop , then you can record the data and review it or have someoone here look it over for you
Well if its not working would the check engine light come on? because it turns on for a little then it turns off. I think I will buy a scanmaster tool. thanks
i dont really want to ask why you felt you needed a translator if you didnt have data to base it on

the light could be any number of things , including a cold 02 sensor , you could try retreiving the codes and see hat might be stored
the scanmaster would also display any MALfuncion trouble codes if you have them

try this site and see what you have stored

lots of good info on there as well , try to read it all
You should have seen the intake system that was on it, it was horrible, thats why I decided to go with the lt1 translator.