Installing New Turbo

GN owner

May 25, 2001
I will be replacing my stock turbo with a TE-44 and was wondering if I have to pre-oil the turbo in any way or just install it and start the engine right up. Is there a break in period for the turbo? :confused:
I have never done it in the past when changing a turbo....always bolted them up and go.....dont know if that is ok but I have never had a problem.
It wouldn't hurt to add some oil and spin the turbine a little before you install the MAF pipe and oil feed line.Also I would clock the turbo before you install the intercooler hose to make sure you have the outlet on the turbo lined up with the intercooler.What I do is I take off the intercooler hose and install the intercooler like it would be with it on and I adjust (clock) the compressor side of the turbo to be lined up as perfect as I can by loosen up the bolts on the compressor side of the turbo and move the outlet up or down to acheave a good alignment then tighten up the bolts.I then I loosen up the intercooler to get the hose back on then tighten everything up on the intercooler.Good luck its pretty easy just take your time.
I didn't think replacing a turbo would be a big thing but just thought I'd ask just in case I wasn't aware of something that needed attention. Thank you all for the info.
You could disconnect your orange wire for ECM at the battery, crank it over a few times to build oil pressure, then fire it. If I remember correctly, this brought oil up to the turbo when I had the line off checking everything.
no need to do all that fancy stuff. remove old on and install new one and go. no need to pre oil or anything. there is no breakin time.