I'm thinking about getting rid of my 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and was curious about what insurance is like for a GN. Do insurance companies cover the car as it's a Regal or do they know the difference and charge more because it's considered a performance car? After all it's just a 6-banger, how fast could it be? :biggrin:
If you have regular Insurance St Farm, Allstate etc. you'll have a tough time getting what the car is worth. They are going to go by the lowest book value they can find.
You can do a search on Kelley Blue book and NADA classics, and you'll find a pretty wide margins of what the car is worth. The Insurance companies will want to use the lowest.
With that said I do know of local Buick owners here that have had Insurance like St Farm and have gotten what the car was worth. Sometimes you get lucky and get a Buick friendly adjuster.

If the car is not going to be your dailey driver, I recommend classic car coverage. I cover my GN for 15K for $200 a year.

If it is going to be your daily driver, I would say St Farm is probably your best bet.
I am in the rental car business, so I deal with a lot of Isurance companies and St Farm is the easiest to deal with. Just my.02