Intake coolant neck


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May 28, 2001
Who makes the colored coolant neck on the intake? I know Kirban sells the stainless ones. I seen some colored coolant necks on cars.


Billy T.
Don't know exact source, but we have a lot of red necks around here.:biggrin: (sorry, the devil made me...) :eek:
Hey Billy.
I've never seen an anodized billet neck for '86-'87 setups. Only the standard aluminum finish billet t-stat necks. Companies that do sell anodized ones are only for Fords, Chevies and Mopars. Companies like CSI and Mezier come to mind.

Napa sells them..

Just tell them u need one for an 89Turbo TA. There under 10 bucks. Cast iron--nice and strong.