Intake Decal?


I've noticed that on a few hotair pictures that I see there is a turbo six decal on the intake. I always thought that this was a dress up item, but just saw it on an official buick add.

Whats the deal? My decal is a reddish pink cracked deal. It looks stock, but Maybe not?
Its actually not a decal....

It is more of a Metal Emblem that is attached to the intake with Clear Epoxy....I have seen a few different ones for Hot-Airs..

The one is the Turbo-6 Emblem with the Orange, and red with a black back round.

The other one that i have seen is gold and black, and it has a 6 in it, and under the 6 is says "Cly Power"

Yes..these circle decals are stock....clean yours up a little with some Cleaner and wax and it should look ok!
That was a factory item! check the attached pic of my filthy engine, if you look HARD, you can see the power 6 emblem!


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I have seen a few FWD 3.8's in Eighty Eight's-Bonnie's ect. with if not the exact same thing it was VERY close.

Mines shot to.....BFH anything you're interested making?
Twins is right!

I myelf have seen these power 6 symbols on many FWD 3.8 buick engines, in delta 88's, and such. Pretty well al of the 80's engines. Looks like the Caddy's and the buick FWD engines used the same TB as us hotair guys, I can't be sure, but it looks so..
careful when you clean it

I had the turbo six logo on my intake as well but it wasn't any type of plastic/metal emblem. I simple greened the heck out of my engine when I first bought the car and that emblem melted away.

does anyone know where to find a replacement--does poston's have it?