Intake EGR path Cleaning??


Sep 30, 2001
Anyone know the best way to get all the crude out of the egr passage of the intake??
I was spraying carb cleaning in the passages and knocking the crude off the walls of the passage, however, I can't some areas of the EGR tunnel. Any nice chemicals I can dump in there to dissolve the oilly/carbon mess.
GM Top Engine Cleaner, maybe ??

Liquid in a can, GM # 1050002.
Spray can, GM # 12345089.

It needs to be poured in while engine is hot for best results, it could tough to remove the EGR valve while engine is hot.
Thanks Tom
I poured some denatured alcohol (paint thinner) in the port about an hour ago. I then taped up both exits to the EGR tunnel so the thinner wouldn't evaporate. I am going to see if I can dissolve the stuff. I currently have the intake off of the car. I know they make that part solvent stuff for cleaning engine parts but I was just trying to see if anyone had any other suggestions.

BTW, I am running a Hemco Plenum. The Hemco design channels all the air into the center of the intake, unlike the stock doghouse, and in addition, there is no EGR outlet that is plumbed directly into the air stream. This means that the EGR is just going to dump into the intake air above cylinders 1 & 2 due to the hemco plenum design, right. On the other hand, the stock EGR dumps into the in coming airstream uniformly.
Therefore, Does the Hemco design tend to flood cylinders 1 &2 with all the recirulated exhaust and not function properly for all the other cylinders??? Is there enough air turbulence in the intake to mix and distribute the EGR properly with a Hemco plenum??? It seems to me....probably not :confused:
If this is the case, then it seems to me like it is probably better to stay with the stock dog house plenum with a RJC power plate for better EGR distribution??
Any ideas