intercooler HELP

85 TR

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I bought a used spearco kit a while ago and really would like to get it on before this weekends races I dont have the instructions thought could sombody please e-mail them to me at

there is a kid around here with a low14 second civic that i cant wait to shut up please help thanks
You should be able to beat him now with out the intercooler. I dont have the papers no more so i cant send any to you. I can send some of the pictures that i have if i still have any and maybe help you out.

email me with any questions and i'll try to work you thru it.:)
Ok bud i got you all taking care of, go to the next , page two in the hot air section and you will see a post that Boostnitup has .

Go in the post and you will see a members rides on the sec one, click this . This will take you to the hotair turbo website.

Go in the documents area, then spearco conversion and the all the paper work that comes with the kit is there on pictures. And take a good look at the site when your there.

let me know if you find it ok.

hope this help you kick that honda's a--:D
Crazygn thanks i finally got an that site and found the info it should help alot although it looks like i have my hands full

thanks alot.