Intercooler Transplant!


Oct 7, 2014
Hi, How is everybody doing? Question, has anyone ever thought of retrofitting a Syclone or Typhoon "water to air" intercooler set-up to a Grand national "air to air" set-up? Or is It even physically possible? Would it fit? As we all know, water is much, much better. Like 4 to 1 more efficient. At removing heat. Just a thought. Thanks...


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What makes you think it would work better than a standard air to air, or even close to a front mount?

The water (engine coolant) going through the intercooler will always be at 160 degrees or warmer. This means that the interccoler will always be heat soaked to 160. And it will never get cooler than that. My front mount interccoler never, never, never gets to 160. Air to air coolers are available as direct bolt-on's by the dozen. This makes a retro-fit Ty-Sy much, much more trouble than it's worth.

If you want an air to water intercooler, the last thing you would want to do is use a Ty-Sy engine coolant piece. Instead, it would make much, much more sense to have it cooled by iced water in a reservoir or run an independent coolant circuit through an additional radiator that is air cooled and possibly on it's own fan. Again........ridiculously much too much complexity for anything that one would consider a street car.

How you doing brother, Thanks for the response. I had a feeling it would be a PITA because of the design with all tubes running around the engine bay. I did do a little research though. There's a company called "Activeinterchiller" I guess they kind of mimicked what Dodge did with the Hellcat. Watercooling the supercharger. They have a couple of different set-ups for different applications, but not our cars. I guess they consider them dinosaurs, their to old to manufacture parts for. Besides they are very involved systems as well. Pumps in the trunk, all kinds of tubing to run, a box for chilled water. Talk about complex. Anyway, my car is no where near what you have done to your car. It's obvious with the time and speeds you are running. My thoughts were because I live in Massachusetts. We get cold, but we haven't had much snow this year. at least not in the Boston area. So when it's above 36, 38 degrees I take car out for a blast up route 95. 4 lanes of wide open flat roads. I find the car LOVES the cold weather. Especially with the "cold air Tin Man " set-up. the filter is down by the street. I've also thought of somehow redirecting the AC to the shroud of the intercooler. To introduce "colder air." I want my car to run as strong in the summer, as it does when I drive her in the colder weather. One of these days, I'll figure out a way to make it run STRONG at 85 degrees. And just a point of information. I installed a trans. cooler that sits high up on the cross bars in front of the radiator. And as you know, that circuit of tranny fluid runs through the external cooler through the RADIATOR. then back to the tranny. My point is regardless of coolant temp. Liquid dissipates heat BETTER than air hands down, period. More to follow. I get these crazy ideas late at night, When everyone is sleeping. and it's nice and quiet. Or maybe I'm just nuts.


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Use alcohol injection. Read through the alky threads. Learn all you can.

Then call Julio Don. Order a set-up. Tune. My Intake air temps have gone down to 48 degrees on a 70 degree day. Results may vary, But all in all, you'll get what you need.
I remember the ATR water to air setup of years ago that used a separate water/ ice tank.
It was designed to be drained and refilled after every run. It worked great for the track, but if you did run it on the street, once the water was the same temp as the air coming out of the turbo it would do nothing.

Some one made a kit to encapsulate the stock intercooler to run water through it, with the same results.

The heat removed from the charge air needs to be released to the air some how, either through a separate radiator or the engine radiator.

I think Buick's thought of using an air- to- air intercooler was the best compromise at the time for a daily driven street car.

As NY Twin Turbo said you can lower your intake air temp by running alcohol injection or running E85 fuel.

Some would say " no need to reinvent the wheel", but then we wouldn't have 18" and 19" GNX wheels now would we.

Sometimes those wild thoughts we have late at night are brilliant.
I run an ATR liquid intercooler and have it tapped for temp , its pretty much always 5 degrees above ambient , i use a huge heat exchanger with it and it works pretty good ,i wouldn't say better then the big front mount i had on there years ago but definitely not worse.
i can say spool up is quicker because of the air less traveled to the throttle body, and it recovers real quick after a run temps go to about 130 then are quickly down to ambient.
it is over kill and a complicated system with extra parts and a pump but it does work good and its cool lol

The laws of physics dont allow the temp to drop below ambient without an ice box plumed in or chemically induced with alky..
Thanks guys for the feedback. I've spoken to Julio. And being the guy I am. I always think, "worst case scenario." WHAT IF: I had the radio blaring, which I wouldn't. Or I was texting someone, which I wouldn't. Or I was drinking a beer, I don't drink anymore. Or what if I was smoking a joint, which I wouldn't, I don't smoke that shit anymore. Or what if I was street racing, with the boost set at 25psi. And the f- - -ing pump failed. What would become of my brand new rebuilt motor! Julio said there are ways to incorporate something of a "failsafe" within the system. But until his system [which would be my choice.] Is 100% "stupid proof." Even If It cost more money. It would be money well spent, like having an Insurance policy for the motor. I will stick with my 17 pounds of boost and have dependability and get decent gas mileage to boot. And can break the tires loose at 35 MPH! And yes, alcohol would act as a "chemical cooler." but only when you are into boost. Which is not always the case, when you just cruising. P.S. Thanks GX1 for the vote of confidence.