Intermitant electrical problem


Just another Tim ;-)
May 24, 2001
I am having a problem every so often. What happens is the tach. stops working and it also seems to effect the engine braking. When the tach stops working it seems to not have any engine braking??

Any idea's where I should start to look?

what do you mean by engine breaking? like when you let off the gas it feels like its in neutral? and have you tested that by downshifting as you slow to see if each individual gear is catching? my guess is those would be two totally separate issues.
I have tested it a few times and it is consistant with the tach not working. What it does is it feels like it is coasting in neutral. In overdrive going @60mph converter locked, normally when you let off the gas the engine will have some braking. If you tap on the brake then the converter will unlock and you are now coasting but the ECM will lock the converter back up again in a sec or two. In my case when I am having this tach prob. it also seems to not have that engine braking. No, you can't tell the engine brake part of it in other gears since the converter would not have been locked. It is obviously something electrical but where to start I have no idea:(

loose connections possibly. check battery first and check for corr.
conn on coil pack, module, ecm, steering col, bulkhead under wiper motor, starter, alt, all engine gnds, bulkhead under a/c box.

Could do it ...had a Fiat spider 2000 (lil' italian sports car :cool: )...anyhoo... hit a bump or rr tracks, etc the motor would die tach fall to zilch and them motor would come back on.
Turned out to be the ign swith. talk about chasing that 1 for a while.
I know this may not help much but if I am not mistaken the TC should unlock immediately when you let off the gas, no need to tap the brake to unlock it. But the other test I was trying to see if you had done was to let go of the gas when you are experiencing this problem and immediately shift down from 4th to 3rd or 3rd to 2nd with the shifter and see what happens, it should be a very noticable deceleration, especially from 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to first (which only catches below 20 mph or so)