Intex inflatable pools

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
Anyone using one of these? Yeah, I know, it's January in New England and Mark is thinking about pools.:D It was also close to 50 degrees today and I am wiring up my storage shed for lights and a receptacle and I am going to also get one of those pools for my son come spring.

If anyone has one of these pools how did you wire up the filter pump?

Also, how good are those pools anyway? They seem to be pretty popular around here.
they should plug into 110, we used to have a pretty bog, 30x15 pool and it just pluged in.

i wouldn't want one of them, but it really depends on what you want. they would be fine for just gofing around, lounging on rafts or whatever, but theres no way you could ever try to swim laps or anything like that in it, if you push off a wall you'll knock it down, while its very entertaining and funny as hell to watch i wouldnt' want it happening to me:D

we had one til the kid ran over the sidewall with his powerwheel jeep....needless to say the little clear adhesive stickers they give ya to fix it werent quite enough;)

Hook it up to a breaker....god forbid something was shorted out and well...that would stink bigtime... put a switch in the circuit that way if something did go wrong ...ya could flip it off.:cool:
It's just for my son. I won't be using it, don't want to get harpooned.:D

Whole circuit I am running out to it will be GFI protected.
We've had one for the kids the past two summers....I'll see if it's up to another summer season when we get it out of the storage shed in the spring.'ll end up with a nice circular dead spot in the yard...

The filter/plump has survived for the last two years, so for the price, not too bad. Be sure to get extra some pool chemicals. It doesn't take too long for the water to get funky.

I just used a heavy duty extension cord with a GFCI pigtail at the outlet.

The kids love it

Planning on setting it up adjacent to my storage shed in the back yard. Won't be sitting on my newly sodded lawn, that's for sure.:) Have a nice level area for it, just have to clear out some small trees and brush. Going to install a fence around it to so no little kids wander over to use it.

Just wondering if cost wise it might be more cost efficient to go with a "real" pool. Budget is kind of tight with the new house and everything we are doing to it. Think one of these pools would last 5 years or so?
buy a hot tub in the bargain news and be done. He'll also appreciate it more when he's a little older and has a GF.