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Oct 31, 2005
Hello all, I just thought I would introduce myself before I posted anything else. I joined out of my great admiration of the GN/T type, and my desire to learn more about them and turbocharging in general. Unfortunately, I do not own a turbo Buick, but I am here to learn, and maybe one day I can have one. I hope to gather a lot of information and advice here, and hopefully you guys are willing to dole it out. :biggrin: While I am a GM technician, my experience started almost 13 years after the last GNs were produced, so while not completely ignorant, I don't know much about the 231 and its related hardware when it was in its prime. I look forward to some great posting!

Welcome :)

Some pretty smart and experienced people some searches on topics you're interested in. Our search feature has good days and bad days....So keep trying. :D
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Good to hear that a GM tech thinks some of the corporate engines BESIDES the small and big block CHEVY are worth a crap. Buick motors are a lot of fun, and can be pumped to outrageous levels. The turbo V6 engine is remarkable in this respect, producing in excess of 550 hp using the stock block, if pushed. Go for it!