Is a cloth TTA worth more than leather?

jasons kwik 6

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Oct 28, 2001
I have found a cloth TTA that im interested in.I know that they made 187 of them,but given a leather car is in the same shape(miles,price,etc)would it be worth any more in value?

I like the cloth myself because the wear is not as great.I was just looking for opinions.thanks!
I dont think it is....I would rather have cloth also BUT my car is still new so Ill stick with the leather :)
I think the Cloth cars CAN be worth more to some people, Not to me. I would rather have cloth but would maybe pay an extra 5 bucks to get it. Doesnt make a difference to me one way or ther other...
Im not smoking anything.. Pay more money for the same car because it has cloth interior? That just doesnt make a bit of sense to me.
You missed the point. Whether you would pay more for cloth was not the original question. "Is cloth worth more than leather" was the original questions, like "hardtop worth more than ttops".

The answer is cloth is worth more than leather.

Whether you would pay more for cloth is irrelevant.
I have not nessicarily seen cloth/ Festival cars going for any more than equally mileaged leather cars. Just because theres less doenst nessicarily make them worth more. Heck they only made like 1400 Grand Prix 2+2's and those are worthless...

TTA's go for more only when they have owners boxes, are mint, and have low mileage, regardless of leather or cloth.
Rule of thumb was substract 500.00 if missing owners kit(box)

As far as cloth...I personally like leather and T-Tops.It makes the car more classy.

As far as may be worth more since its rarer..but I dont care.I dont like cloth seats.

But thats my .02.


BTW,I asked myself this same question 4 months ago when I was looking at these cars.
I think to answer this fairly, it would be that the cloth cars and the hardtop cars are more collectible, not that they are selling for any more than the "normal" leather and T-top cars.