Is CK Performance still around?

I've known Chris for a long time. Everyone knows he was always very active here and made quite the contribution to the 2004R for GN's. He started burning out (as a lot of people in the performance transmission business do) and started to slow down what he was doing. He started doing a lot more T-400 and 4L80E stuff and making parts too. He really wanted to get away from the complete trans business as it can be a headache. A few years ago he got really sick but was able to pull through it. After that he pulled way back from the business. He got more unaccessible and was doing very limited business. I was able to get a full rebuilt kit from him with shift kit and servo etc... this was around 4/20. I'm not crazy about his shift kit or servo so I didn't use it but the rest of the kit has everything in it so it's a decent buy. I haven't talked to him since last Summer but i'm sure he's still operating very limited. I've found some other sources for my 200 needs these days. I don't have time to track someone down.
Wow, to keep a long story short, life got in the way and I never ended up ordering parts from CK, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t with all the horror stories in this thread.

Rather than start a new thread I’ll ask here, I’m putting together a parts list for a 200 and I’m looking for a manual to get an idea of what I’ll be getting in to for a rebuild. CK is the only place I’ve seen a manual besides the ATSG ones so I have to ask: has anyone managed to get a manual off of CK lately? I’m not against waiting a while for one but not looking to get stiffed.
I'm planning on building a 200-4R for a monte I just bought, and one of the names I've been seeing pop up a lot is CK Performance but I can't gather any concrete evidence of Chris still being in business.

If he isn't, could someone suggest a builder that deals with 200-4R hard parts? I've heard stories about the input drums being wildly inconsistent and I don't feel like trying my luck.
Call dave husek for the 200
I’ll start calling around once I’ve got a core, but I’m a bit of a stickler for reference media.
You should just listen to me I gave you the cheatsheat😉
I run Dave's duel fed billet 200 on my nt car.
Takes a beating and doesn't come out that often.
And is not built by someone else in their shop and gets done in a day.
You won't be disappointed but you will need to open the wallet.
Dave Husek has a great DIY kit that many have used and he will talk you through the rebuild process , but nothing beats his trans builds . He is a one man show and his attention to detail next level !!