Is this crank damage driveable?


Go on red!
So I pulled the cracked balancer. Sure enough there is a spot on the crank about a nickel or so, where the balancer rattled against it and buggered it up. Think I can just slap on another balancer and be good to go?


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I could be wrong, but if those are metal shavings on the shaft, they most likely made their way into the pan... The balancer snout goes through the seal in the front cover, into the pan area...... :confused:
Yeah, I mean drivable as is if I drop the pan, clean it out and slap on a new balancer driveable. Guess I'll find out when I put on the new balancer to see how tight it fits and row round the balancer I get is. I might just have to drop the crank and have the snout refinished.