Is this my problem?


R.I.P. Lethal GN
May 26, 2001
I recently had my tranny rebuilt and, when I got it back, the car would seem to slip on shifts under WOT. Under regular driving the car is fine, but when you start to build boost, it can't seem to hold the power. The guy drilled 5 holes out in the spacer plate, but told me how he accidentally drilled two of them out too big. Would this cause my WOT problem? I really want my car to catch second at least.

Well I can't speak for your builder, but i'm surprsied he gave the car back in that condition. The first thing you have to do, is put a gauge on it. Does it still have a spacer plate in it with oversize holes? Way to many possibilities here with out pressure readings.
It still has a plate, but he drilled out 5 holes bigger. They are all the same size, but i'm not sure what bit size he used. I have spare 200-4rs but not turbo trannies. Could i use a plate from one of my other trannies to fix my prob?
Hell, Buy a new plate. From gm 18.00 any dealer. Somewhere on here there is a part # for them . I know , I posted it . Do a search and look for it. Then you are starting fresh.

Can't remember the part # off the top of my head either. But I do remember that it's almost the same as the phone # in that Rick Springfeild song, "Jenny"! (just another useless peice of trivia :) ).
You are a helluva alot of help, you know that Mike.:)


I have two spare 200-4rs that went bad on me sitting at my mom's. Would those be the same plates? I thought it was just different valve bodies and servos in the TR trannies? If I could use a plate out of one of the others, and save a little cash, it would be nice since I just spent so much on what seems to be a worthless rebuild. The car will catch second when cornering and mild acceleration, but not while going straight. It seems to start slipping in any mode beyond 1 psi.
Save a buck?
WTF? It's 18 bucks.
you would spend more just in time to pull down a core to rob a plate that may be wore out. Just go to the dealer and buy it. It is cheap enough. Sometime you guys really make me laugh...:D