Is this shifting normal?


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Nov 5, 2001
I had my tranny rebuilt about 5,000 miles ago with an art car shift kit, and some beefer gears. First of all I notice when i put it in drive from park, the car lurches into gear very hard. On dry pavement, sometimes it chirps into gear.. What could that be? Also notice sometimes in third gear on the hwy, i'll be at 65 mph under normal throttle conditions, it sometimes does not shift until 4000 rpm's, and will only shift if i let off the gas a little. Is that normal? All other opertions of the tranny is fine. Whats the easiest way for me to adjust the TV cable on this tranny without screwing all the shifts up? any insight would help, thanks..
If I had to guess...

I would say that they reinstalled a stock 12" converter and not the D5 required. If converter was a low stall and engine idled on the high side and /or cold, this could be the case. Pull bellhousing/ torque converter cover and ck the little insignias all around the outer diameter of the converter on the bowl side.
Tell us what they say. That is where I would start. Is car lazy to spool boost? Is it a turd from a light? Let us know....:)
As far as the hard shift into car does that too: ie going from either park/reverse/nuetral to overdrive. It jerks the car around a good bit. I had the tranny checked out and the guy said that's what the shift kit does and nothing was wrong with it. It's kind of annoying, but as long as its ok, I'm not gonna mess with it.