It souned and moved like a 750....


gallo vicioso
Oct 6, 2007
Killed two for one today...

I was out cruising about after paying Papa Lou a visit, and noticed a split headlight on a sport bike coming up behind me through traffic.
Eventually he came around me and eyeballed as he went by....I couldn't do anything...too many cars between me and open road. But I patiently moved up through traffic and kind of got the feeling the bike was waiting for a clear shot on me too....

I thought to myself......Is the hunter being hunted...? ;-)

As I made my way through, I got around him....he was going to split lanes if I managed to find the front row at the right red he hung back behind me and followed my lane changes.

Gradually moving through traffic....a couple more cars to get around, including a black SS Camaro with dealer tags still on...I cruised by his open window...gave him a little spool followed by a light "pish-sh-sh-sh..." as if to whisper "Hello Lunch..." into his ear.
He fell in behind the bike and both were tailing my gentle weave through traffic now.....

Finally I'm in front and a light up ahead just turned yellow
Bwooooohahahahhahaaaaaa.... ;-)
I was in the right lane, a miscellaneous SUV in the middle, and the 750 sport bike in the left lane. Wide open road ahead for a good run.
The Black SS was right behind me, but he doesn't stand a chance anyway, so he can just watch and learn.

Green light and the 750 gets the jump.
I hit the throttle too quickly and the Nitto's let loose....the bike gets a few lengths on me while I try getting my hook on.

A quick glance in the rear view as my tires continue to spin shows the SS trying with all his might to stay with me even as my rear end kicks to the right as I accelerate away.

Up ahead, the 750 is still all in...he's hugging his tank and keeping an eye on me. I can only imagine what's going through his head as he sees me gain traction, straighten out and start to reel him in.

Another glance in the rear view shows the SS has given up already....he's back there following my tire tracks in a light cloud of drag radial smoke and methanol fumes...
"C-ya silly head!"

Looking back ahead, I have plenty of room and am now closing the distance on the 750 at a pretty good clip as he hugs his tank tighter. I'm easily going 5mph faster than he is now...and the 6265 is huffing at full steam. Pulling like a freight train baby!

Finally I catch him and just as I get ahead, I let out...point has been made... I was hunting you my friend...and this is a kill.

He let off too and as we slow down, he comes alongside and we give each other a solid thumbs up and hang loose.

The 750 makes a turn and I continue along. Eventually after a few lights, the SS finally catches up while I'm sitting in traffic at a light in the left lane. He goes by slowly in the left turn lane...completely stunned...and thinking about taking that new SS back.
I've missed the well written poundings of The Poultry. :chicken:
Glad to have you back, Chicken.
Glad to be back!
I won't be driving 50+ miles a day anymore, but when I do drive...I'm always looking for a kill... ;-)
lmao.... ur stories are probably the most entertaining stories I ever get the pleasure of reading. keep up the good work Chicken.
love the story bro I felt like I was in the driver seat spine tingling hahahah love the look on peoples faces when you destroy them in a TR.
had a similar story except the kid was in a hatch back civic. heard him from a distance with his coffee can exhaust, pull up at a light just me and him. He looks and says that car looks fast but has nothing on my rocket hear, I just laughed hahahah and said your right. needless to say he didn't know he was gonna get his ass handed to him on a silver platter at only half throttle. next light im still laughing and he says hey you cheated that thing has a turbo, lol I said no its just sound effects like your car except mine adds 600HP hahahahahaha. stupid kids.