J.Carter Chip

Jay's chips are awesome! Especially if you want a chip you don't have to adjust! I have several of them and love them. Gbody has them for all injectors.... TT's chips are great as well, you'll be happy either way!
I have a Jay Carter 93 street chip.... I have been wondering if the TT chip would help my car any... esp after I add a alky kit ?
once you put alky on your car a TT chip is a must. just my .02

I wouldn't say it is a must, I ran Jay's chip with an old SMC system and it ran great. On the other hand if you are running Razor's kit a TT chip is probably the way to go. I understand they work together at the tuning end of things....
I found out my car has a Jay Carter chip in it, not sure what to make of it.

The thing runs pig rich at idle and I seem to get some knock retard if I really get into the boost with it.

I'd guess mine is the 93 chip, it has the sublime green dot on it.

Maybe I should spring for a Turbo Tweak chip.........?