Jere Gelmer (Gemler's Performance) Erie Pennsylvania contact?


Oct 16, 2022
Can anyone give me information to contact Jere Gelmer in Erie Pennsylvania? He was one of the brothers that owned Gemler's Performance. I would like to contact him about my Regal-T that was once owned by his brother, Harold. I think they were both NHRA drivers.
Thanks for the catch, Chuck. It is Gemler. I think I have their Gray, 1987 Regal T. I found some documentation with Gemler's as the owner with the car. I have found quite a bit of info on the Gemler brothers NHRA history and am excited to learn more about the history of my car.
What's a Google search come up with?
I don't use Google. I use Duck Duck go.
Lots of info on Jim and Jere Gemler in Erie Pennsylvania. But I haven't found a "working" phone number for Jere. The two brothers owned Gemler's Performance and apparently my car was owned by that business as the car was titled as Gemler's with their business address on the title. I think the business has closed and Jim has passed (obituarty), but he signed off on the car when it sold to Vic in St. Louis in 2007. The car was only driven 20000 miles in 20 years in Pennsylvania. Both brothers were NHRA drivers and apparently pretty successful. There is a pretty good article on Jere's Yenko Camaro that has been restored recently. I would really like talk with Jere and get whatever history he may have.

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I don't use Google. I use Duck Duck go.

I hope that you don't use Duck Duck Go with any expectations of privacy. Other than that, it is a good browser.

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I did manage to contact Jere Gemler through some research. My car was owned by his brother Jim (passed 2021) and was titled to
Gemler's Performance in Erie Pennsylvania. It was only driven 20k miles in 20 years and never saw any inclement weather in Erie. Apparently, it was not raced at any track. It sold through Hemmings to V. Nettles in St. Louis in 2007 and then to W. Torkey (St. Louis) in late 2007. I now have a history of my car's three previous owners. Thanks to Jere and Ron Hunter Performance for their help finding Jere!