JSM conversion intake poll #2

What do you want in a conversion kit?

  • Kit consisting of all stock 86-87 components..stock location intercooler

    Votes: 10 71.4%
  • kit consisting of all stock 86-87 components...stock front mount intercooler

    Votes: 3 21.4%
  • kit consisting of all stock 86-87 components...custom front mount

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • kit consisting of stock 86-87 components....aftermarket front mount

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • kit consosting of aftermarket throttle body and aftermarket front mount.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Heavy breather
Jun 21, 2001
Well, since the intake seems to be pretty well done, I thought this would be a good time to ask what potential buyers would want in a kit for these cars.

We are anticipating that the kit will consist of the following:

Modified hotair intake (exchange)
modified 86-87 upper "doghouse" (exchange)
stock 86-87 throttle body (kit prepped)
stock thermostat housing (kit prepped/exchange)
new throttle cable
new mounting brackets for throttle and TV cables
stock 86-87 intercooler w mounting brackets
wire extensions for the TPS unit
complete remote mount iac unit
all necessary intercooler piping (mandrel bent)
all "rubber" connections for the piping.

I think this pretty much covers it.

What I would like to know is...."What would you like in a kit?"

Please chose from poll options and include any comments you may have.
We have not established an initial cost as of yet, because we have not settled on what a complete kit will be...hopefully you can help us figure that out. If you have other suggestions for what should be in the kit, let us know. Please realize that additional "non-stock" parts will add to the price of the kit. Also, additional labor (fabrication) time equals more money as well.

We can offer additonal services such as gasket matching etc at an additional charge as well.

Also, if you decide that you want components other than those that come in the final kit, you will be able to make substitutions. You will be responsible for providing the substituted parts and will incurr any additional labor and materials costs for making them fit/work. Kit cost will be adjusted accordingly

for example if you want a powerstroke intercooler, we could make it happen as long as you porvide the intercooler. We would make up the pipes for it and get it ready to be bolted on.
i vote for a stock location...simply for the sake of cost,parts availability and simplicity.as you state,the more stock(87)stuff that can be used,the cheaper and easier the kit will be.the stock intercooler is 11's capable,with plenty of mods/aftermarket units should someone want to upgrade.

also keep in mind that i may be wanting an intake and just enough plumbing to get out to the front of the engine for my spearco kit.i could adapt it to fit from there...:cool:

also need to remind that a stock location kit will require converting to electric fans and losing the stock fan shroud...
For those of you who have some fabrication skills and want to tackle their own piping, we will be offering an intake only kit.

You will also be able to purchase an intake and piping to run a "hotair" system with this intake which may be upgraded later.

As for the removal of the stock fan shroud. JSM has just finished a nice looking stainless piece for a Syclone/Typhoon vendor, I think it would look really nice on the TR's as well, so we may make those available. Of course it would be a design dedicated to the TR application.

As far as electric fans go, I like the dual unit from Ramchargers that sells for like $80. That is what I will be running myself, and I recommend it to others. But, yes, electric fans are a must with a stock location setup.
Modified intake

Did you get the flow bench results? and do you have any new pictures since you cut open the intake? I would be interested in just getting a modified intake and make the other parts myself.
New pics will be available soon. We should be going to the flow bench 1 week from this coming Saturday. And will post results as soon as we get them. We have not yet snapped any pics of the intake as it sits....too many projects, not enough time!

More in my gallery at www.jsmanufacturing.com

It is looking like most people want to use stock 86/87 intercooler for the kit. As mike stated we will offer just pieces, with intake starting first as we progress on this project.

My car will end up being setup probably 5 different ways. LOL

Anybody have a stock 86/87 intercooler laying around for sale for the project????

Again, plan right now is to flow test in 2 weeks. Then install shortly after that.

At this point the prototype is only lacking porting and final welding of the plenum flange. Remote IAC is to follow also, but I have done that before and isn't a big deal.

You can see we have figured out a way to use stock thermostat housing with only the removal of the small tube. This will save some $$ and time, and be the cleanest.

Right now I am looking at pricing to be around $650 for intake with exchange of a stock intake and plenum. We have 4 spares here, so we can work out something so downtime is minimal.

I will be looking into a custom new plenum later, but want to get basic stuff going first. Pricing will obviously be a bit higher also.

Again if anybody has suggestions, etc post or email me. sales@jsmanufacturing.com
Right now I am looking at pricing to be around $650 for intake with exchange of a stock intake and plenum.

Don't get sticker shock here guys. Please realize that this is a work in progress, and we are working on ways to get you the best product for the $$$. Dyno's are not cheap, and neither is flow bench time. We are making an effort to keep this kit in line with the pricing everyone paid for the V2 a few years back. As we develop the project more, pricing should come down, at least that is what we are hoping for! The original estimated V3 price from Jay was $450, and the V2 kit was $1500, keep this in mind. The idea here being that is will be easier as well as more cost effective to keep your current engine and just add the JSM kit.

BTW, if anyone has V3 pics, I would be interested in seeing it, as it may shed a little light on our design.

WHen the flow bench numbers are available, I believe the true value of this upgrade will become apparent.

Originally posted by typhoon
Anybody have a stock 86/87 intercooler laying around for sale for the project????

i've got one down at my mom's house...you can have it and we'll call it credit towards my intake:cool:

i've also got a stock intake i could send as well...
Good news!

Flow bench testing has been moved up to THIS saturday.

I will have numbers soon on flow #'s.

Dyno #'s to come shortly after that.

If you are interested shoot me an email, so I can get a feeling on how many people .

Granted I would hope you would wait for flow #'s, dyno #'s, and final pricing before making final decision.

Mike and I are working hard to see how much we can tweak the pricing I mentioned and bring it down further.