Just got my TT chip and have a couple questions


Apr 1, 2011
I just got my TT chip in the mail. I read through the instructions that came with it and saw that it tells me to set the fuel to 43psi, however I don't have an adjustable fpr my car is pretty bone stock with the exception of rjc power plate, 160* t-stat and a k&n cone filter. I also read something's where it tells you how to tune and adjust a couple different things. So I guess my question is Can I just put the chip in? Or should I wait and get a fpr and a hot-wire kit?
The chip calibration is done assuming a good fuel system and 43psi base fuel pressure. However some people have run it with the stock fuel system. You can try it, but keep an eye on the O2's and knock. You might have to keep the boost down lower.
Get a Scanmaster too if you don't have one...