Just purchased a 1981 Indy 500 pace car

I bought those wheels used (I think they were from an 87T), and kept the old [probably original] caps as I got them. IIRC, a couple of the plastic tabs were "iffy", thus the black RTV.
These wheels are awesome. Very happy with the look of them. I have no regrets on purchasing these wheels they really give the car a much more aggressive appearance while paying homage to the original style.


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These wheels are awesome. Very happy with the look of them. I have no regrets on purchasing these wheels they really give the car a much more aggressive appearance while paying homage to the original style.

Looks great, and I especially appreciate the homage to the actual pace car :cool:
Went and got some decent pictures this evening


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The windshield washer bottle finally came in it was on backorder for a couple weeks. So nice to not have yellow deteriorating bottles. I need to order a hood pad but am looking at doing something custom. I don’t want a plain hoodpad


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Back in about April of 1980 (at the Nation's "Flagship Buick Dealer"), 2 Buick people (one was our Factory Rep.) dabbled in this very thing with this 1980 "A" Car example amid the 65th year graphic's you see here ... "Dwight "Mac" McDonold" acquired the graphic's pictured here, had them sent to us, and later at our dealership, we made (on this car that I purchased / WOULD later buy) this rendition of the "Pace" car ... So, after all that having happened ... LATER: the 81' year would 'win the day' / and the rest is history. I remember the 76 Regal's (and our Riv's, Skyhauk's, and Centuries at that time, along with all that would later come / amid their "Hawk" Graphic's) ... back in those days, when Turbo's were the "thing" / & Buick was trying ta shead it's "old man's car" image ...

Later: I would go to "Buick City" (to a Buick Dealership called "Blain Buick"), which I THINK (at the time), was the largest Buick Dealer in the world. ("Ron Slivka" was the other biggie) Anyway: we later would go-on ta SEE the 81 "G" Pace Car's THERE ...

*I ordered this pictured car (below), and fitted it with every option available for the 80 model year ... this build featured the "Somerset Package", and later the car was fitted with an extraordinary sound system (see the back seat).

Later "when I grew-up", I removed all that non-sense and put the car away.

All the above was back in the "Detroit 2" Program days, when Rusty Jones Rustproofing was "hot", *(and Buick Opel's rode shot-gun with us). :cry: Later: OUR Dealership would relocate / build a new Store / and when the parts barns (at our original location) were demolished, we all "swept-in" and "dumpster dove" after all the old Buick stuff, amid Sign's, Opel stuff, parts, and even an old 1951 Buick Super that an Employee owner was un-earthed (this was featured in the news in 1987 when we received 3 GNX"s marking the "G" Body's end), this employee worked at the dealership 61 years that owned that 51 , (and later a 1939 Buick Coupe) !. I remember the life-sized "Glen Ford" sign's and all the oils, fluids, and even some jacks that were so old you'd laugh for days !. I kept much of it / still have some Vintage Umbrella's (and some old buick car polish) ...

Anyway: this beautiful car (on this thread) spawned that memory.


I hope this works, as I am NOT very Computer savoy, and remember: these are just PICTURES that have hung on a wall, amid all the "crap" over the years, being sprayed on / around / in this area ... anyway, you'll hopefully get the idea.


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39 years since the Indy ran parade laps at the Indy 500 in 1981 it returned to the racetrack today at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Charity laps event. It was a absolute blast getting the car out on the track.


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