K&N oil filter part number


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Jun 23, 2003
which K&N oil filter fits our cars? the one the computer says to use is a tiny ass one. im sure one of the bigger ones would fit. just like how we use the bigger pf52.
i think the k&N 2001 will fit but i am not sure.
You're not going to put a K&N in the stock air box are you? Get a 9" cone filter with a 3" opening and attach it to your MAF.
Forget the stock-size oil filter. Get the "Big One" from Jack Cotton (see my signature below) and then buy NAPA Gold oil filters.
Conrad Carter
JC'sGN said:
The 2001 is the same size as the pf 52....

thats what it looks like. i just wanted to make sure before i went around leaking oil everywhere.