Keith Urban Concert


Tug Driver
Saw him tonight at the Old Dominion University Convocation Center in Norfolk. Great concert. Well worth seeing. Ticket prices were reasonable, too.
Saw him when he came thru CT a couple months back. Excellent concert and lots of nice looking ladies in the audience to check out too. Was tough not to get caught by the wife. :biggrin:

I am not a dyed in the wool country fan, will listen to anything from Frank Zappa to Sugarland to the Beatles and Stones.
Urban opened for Chesney this past summer. Glad to see that Keith has his own gig now as Chesney spent wwwwaaaayyyyyyy to much time singing with Uncle Cracker who can sing no better than I can.........what's that all about? Oh yea, at Gillette Stadium. Urban is good..........Chesney?............he needs to regroup as far as I'm concerned